Jan 2022

YaWorks and HeadFWD have joined forces to intensify their collaboration in 2022.

Bart Deuss explains the advantage of this joining of forces.

“With the combined expertise of HeadFWD and YaWorks, we can deploy complete and local DevOps teams for our customers much faster,” explains Deuss. He continues: “The need for innovation speed (bringing new functionality to users) is constantly growing. DevOps teams combine responsibility for the development of functionalities with the operational burden that comes with that functionality. As a result, the development speed of DevOps teams is often higher, while at the same time they also remain flexible and agile.”

After a successful 2021 in which YaWorks created and supervised multidisciplinary teams for several clients, this is the next logical step in the development of our services. Since its inception, the ties with subsidiary HeadFWD have been strong and cooperation was sought on a regular basis. This step in our collaboration gives this successful combination a more structural character.

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